TL;DR for Inclusion

Companies can significantly improve Inclusiveness for neurdivergent workers and overall engagement by having all companywide emails 1. include a TL;DR summary that is jargon free. 2. Maintain a short passage length standard. 3 Break down the email into sections. 4. Minimize jargon in-line.

They Won’t Even Know

You won’t even know I’m in a wheelchair. If all interaction is online, you won’t know. And if #education becomes true #distancelearning, with no interpersonal interaction, students won’t know that I’m disabled. What do I think about that? There is good and bad to it, as with everything. This past year I didn’t meet my …

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Effect-Driven Objectives

21st-century pre-semester preparation requires effect-driven objectives. What do I want the students to experience, no matter if we are in the classroom or meeting online? What parts of the course can I make easily accessible and present online, so precious classroom time is saved for discussion and in-depth understanding? The debate between what I want …

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