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My Story

I have spent over 20 years studying and researching leadership and strategy. And I have been educating students, IDF soldiers, one-year program groups, youth groups, campers, and more about how to engage strategy and leadership for over 15 years. I got my nickname “Dr. D.” from one of my students while teaching at Bar-Ilan University over the last 10+ years.

Born and raised in the USA, I came to Israel over 25 years ago on a one year program. The moment I set foot in the country, I knew that I was home.

Signature Program
Aim High

Other Programs

Leadership Rising

How do certain people emerge as leaders and why? Leadership Seminars and Workshops that focus on teamwork, communication, and sacrifice with purpose. 

Politics Everywhere

From the bedroom to the boardroom and beyond, we engage politics as we try to maneuver and get our way. What can we do to get others to help make our ideas real?

Dr D teaching about followership

Diehard Life

What type of follower are you? What types of followers are most likely to create a fluid dynamic team? And how can leaders engage followers for success?

Soon by you

Inclusion and Accessibility – these are buzzwords that have tremendous weight. But what do they really mean, and who are they really about?

מנהיגות עולה

איך אנשים מסוימים מופיעים כמנהיגים ומדוע? הרצאה שמתמקדת במנהיגות בעבודת צוות, תקשורת ושליחות עם מטרה.

פוליטיקה בכל מקום

מחדר השינה לחדר הישיבות ומחוצה לו, אנחנו עוסקים בפוליטיקה כשאנחנו מנסים לתמרן ולעשות את דרכנו. מה אנחנו

יכולים לעשות כדי לגרום לאחרים לעזור להפוך את הרעיונות שלנו לאמיתיים?

רעל בעיניים

איזה סוג של מונהג אתם? אילו סוגי מונהגים צפויים ליצור צוות דינמי זורם? ואיך מנהיגים יכולים למשוך מונהגים ולגבש?

אותם למען הצלחתם תוך כדי השגת היעדים של המנהיג?

בקרוב אצלכם

הכלה ונגישות – אלו מילות באז בעלות משקל עצום. אבל מה הם באמת מתכוונים, ועל מי הם באמת?


Vision, Authority, Influence - Leadership

Leadership, we seem to hear that word thrown around a lot these days. But, what are leaders without followers? And what is the difference between a leader and manager – and does that even matter?

What is strategy and why is it important?

To many strategy seems an amorphic concept with different meanings to different people. There are those who hold that strategy is a level of engagement between two competing institutions.


I am the only wheelchair user participating in International Practical Shooting Confederation competitions in Israel. These are videos of my competitions and practices. 

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