Aim High

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A story about determination, perseverance, and hope

Dr. David Leitner takes you on a fascinating, educational, and inspirational journey into the life of a lone soldier in the elite IDF Maglan commando unit as he suffers a life altering injury.

Immigrating to Israel alone at the age of 20, David was determined to serve his new country and worked tirelessly to get accepted into one of the top IDF commando units.

After his initial injury, David continued to serve for over 11 months.

Despite the challenges he faced, David never gave up.

After his medical release, David was determined to get his life back on track. He underwent multiple operations and therapies to try and recover.

Dealing with a new reality and a severe chronic pain disorder resulting from his injury, David continued to aim high. He sought multiple opportunities to change his world. 

He completed his BA and a direct PhD. He knew that part of getting back on track meant moving forward and challenging himself. 

David has spent more than 15 years as a leadership and strategy educator and over 20 years as an accessibility and inclusion activist.

Each lecture designed for a specific audience

David’s lectures are much more than an engaging story.
Each lecture includes topics chosen specifically for the target audience and are based on an introductory conversation.

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Not just a story
Both educational and practical

Leader - Follower

Many people talk about leadership. But most ignore the followers who make a leader. David brings us into his world as a diehard follower. He shares lessons from his military experience and work as a leadership advisor.

Teamwork &

How do we bring people together to face a challenge? How does strategy play a role in that process? David deep dives into aspects of strategy in teamwork, leadership, command and management.


Trust and personal responsibility are essential in every team. To take on the role of agency is the true challenge we all face. David shares how he has worked to be an agent of change in his own life and challenges the audience to find agency in their own lives.


Setting and working towards objectives and goals requires determination, grit, resilience, and constant courage. David explains how a defined purpose and future helped him to constantly aim high and not give up in the face of extreme pain.

David has lectured at:

  • Leading Companies in Israel
  • IDF command courses, Commando School and Teams, Casualty Officers course, Educational Teams.
  • Gap-Year Programs, Mechinot, and more.
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