Reframing Leadership Series

Lessons on Leadership, Teambuilding, and Followership

Leaders need followers to make their dreams become reality.

What kind of leader motivates follower are you?

What type of Follower are you?

Bet you didn’t expect us to start a LEADERSHIP workshop with that question.

Dr. Leitner takes participants on a deep dive into the different types of followers through the lens of their own followership. He pushes them to consider how different follower types impact teamwork and leadership.

As part of the workshop series, Dr. D. explains the how to determine a follower’s developmental levels, and how leaders can use position, influence, and persuasion to get things done based on each level of development.
And he also includes his personal experiences in followership as a diehard, gung-ho, soldier and how it impacted his decision-making.

Dr D teaching about followership


David challenges participants to examine the nature of teamwork and teambuilding around them. As part of that, he explores how military training seeks to build trust between teammates.

We know that trust is the basis for effective, safe, conflict in any relationship. It is essential for soldiers in the field. It is essential for teams working on a project.

Leaders help build that trust. But what happens when trust is broken? When leaders don’t see the follower’s pains? Or when some followers are more dedicated than others?

Dr. D. discusses how trust is the foundation for great teamwork, and through his training participants practice how to bolster trust through commitment, consistency, and accountability.

Communicating Success

One of the most important skills for strategic success is aligning objectives with specific goals that can lead to operative success. It is very important to learn the skills and tools needed to effectively delineate objectives and the goals that will help team members quickly and efficiently understand their part in a given task.

Dr. D. Leitner helps participant understand the Resource-Doctrine Divide and how this divide helps prioritize and delineate clear objectives. Participants will also learn how to set goals that are designed to bring the objective to fruition.

Manifesting core values and guided by the limitations on resources, leaders better understand how to engage their followers to create the desired future through clear communication of goals, delineating the necessary tasks for success, and clear delineation of responsibility. 


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