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What Tools make Followership and Leadership Easier?

How does communication feedback developmental level impact leadership and followership?

Tools of Self Expression

From creating a Brag Board to a Personal Working Manual and more, Dr. Leitner guides participants on a journey of personal discovery to improve their ability to express their ideas. 
As part of the workshop series, Dr. D. encourages participants to explore their ideational hierarchy and its impact on their decisions.
Using these tools he explains how to provide a safe environment for follower’s to open up and engage leadership.

Feedback Systems

David challenges participants to discover how they engage time management and delegation to create communication cycles with their teams and leaders. 

As part of that process leaders are pressed to consider their leadership philosophy and how they engage in the art of leadership.

Dr. D. discusses how leadership style impacts communication cycles and followership, and through his training participants practice the use of different styles and systems to create the ideal communication cycle for their followers and managers.

Spectrum of Followership

Followers are willing to accept the direction and influence that leadership entails. From the Diehards to the Isolates, the Exemplary Follower to the Alienated, followers choose who and how they are going to engage. Understanding Followership, and the choices we face as followers, is a huge part of supporting leadership and working with leaders.

Strategic followership requires a great deal of self awareness about developmental level, ideational hierarchy, and purpose. These are just as much a part of success as the styles and skills that a leader brings to the relationship.

Effectively engaging followers and creating an environment that encourages them to engage strategically is imperative for leaders to succeed.

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