My Story


I’ve been doing a lot of self-awareness work recently. Trying to figure out how accurate my read is of my capabilities, my skills, my goals, my leadership, and my followership, and more. TL;DR Personal post about self awareness work and how I’m trying to minimize the mindset-reality gap in my relationships. Been seeking and accepting […]

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Team David

Meet Team David! I’m participating in a program that connects disabled IDF veterans with soldiers doing a unique basic training that includes additional development training. These young men were not supposed to be inducted at all but demanded they be given the opportunity to become IDF soldiers and serve their nation. They visited our house

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Coming Home

It has been a crazy few months. You might recall that in early October I found myself back at the base where I served. Going to see this generation of warriors and celebrate 35 years since the establishment of the unit was quite an experience. I feel like these past few months have started a

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Back to Base

Revisiting perceived failure lets us gain perspective on the weight of strategic choices. The wif and I went back to a place I have not visited in 20 years. We were invited to the base where I served in honor of 35 years to my unit’s founding. Going back was overwhelming, to say the least.

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