Dr. D.

TL;DR for Inclusion

Companies can significantly improve Inclusiveness for neurdivergent workers and overall engagement by having all companywide emails 1. include a TL;DR summary that is jargon free. 2. Maintain a short passage length standard. 3 Break down the email into sections. 4. Minimize jargon in-line.

Dr D lecturing in front of a powerpoint slide that says what are you prepared to live for?

The Importance of Courageous Followership

IN A WORLD OF TOO MUCH LEADERSHIP WE ARE ALL FOLLOWERS In today’s world, it’s easy to focus on the importance of leadership. But what about courageous followership? Followership is an integral part of any successful team or organization, and in a world of too much leadership, understanding how to be an effective and courageous …

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Culture is Key

Culture is central to doctrine. Doctrine determines strategic worth and how we will engage with others – it determines our “brand”. Brand shows leadership to the world. At its core, Doctrine tells us how to behave and what is and is not acceptable in a given situation. It represents the rules we live by. And …

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