When They Come Home

A guide for leaders and HR professionals We need to take active steps supporting the return of disabled and re-integrated Warriors. Being prepared for the return of disabled warriors and those who have been in battle for an extended period of time is not just a responsibility; it’s an opportunity for companies and society to […]

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Functional Fixedness In your Work

Are you suffering from Functional Fixedness about your role and position? Functional fixedness is a cognitive bias that impacts an individual’s ability to be creative. When we discuss functional fixedness we normally associate it with how an object may be used. Duncker’s candle problem is often used to demonstrate this bias. The problem is presented as follows: You

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Culture is Key

Culture is central to doctrine. Doctrine determines strategic worth and how we will engage with others – it determines our “brand”. Brand shows leadership to the world. At its core, Doctrine tells us how to behave and what is and is not acceptable in a given situation. It represents the rules we live by. And

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Well, that was unexpected. How many times have you found yourself saying that? Have you ever really thought about surprise? The different types and how they impact strategic thinking and execution? Because you are almost guaranteed to be surprised at some point in one of your creative processes. Now, you might be asking yourself –

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The Creative Process

What are the stages of a Creative Process? Well, that depends on whom you ask. If you’ve read Simon Sinek’s Start with Why, he argues for a three-stage process. As does Richard Rumelt in his work Good Strategy/Bad Strategy and Fevzi Okumus in his paper delineating the Strategy Implementation Framework. I will hopefully argue, at

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Discovering Doctrine

First and foremost, doctrine is the means by which we determine heroism. It is how we establish the limits of acceptable and needed behavior given the circumstances we expect our agents to encounter in their everyday work. This is why the military will discuss heroism as someone having gone above and beyond the call of

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