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Followership and Leadership

What is Followership and why is it important?

We hear the word leadership a lot these days. But, what are leaders without followers? There are more followers than leaders in every organization. And most (if not all) of the leaders are also followers. 

Followership is integral to successful strategic engagement. It is time to focus on followership and understand how it impacts teams and organizations. 

From Strategy to Tactics

What is Strategy and why is it important?

We all engage strategy and tactics in our work and home. By learning and understanding strategy and tactics, leaders and followers are more likely to find a state of co-flow where they work in synergy and in support of each other.

So it’s important for people at every level of an organization to understand how strategy, tactics, and followership work together.

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Lecture Topics

Weaving Dr. D.'s story with topics of interest

Leadership Rising

How do certain people emerge as leaders and why? Dr. D. looks at the nature of leadership, teamwork, communication, and sacrifice with purpose. 

Politics Everywhere

From the bedroom to the boardroom and beyond, we engage politics as we try to maneuver and get our way. What can we do to get others to help make our ideas real?

Dr D teaching about followership

Agent for Life

What type of follower are you? What types of followers are most likely to create a fluid dynamic team? And how can leaders engage followers for success?

Soon by you

Inclusion and Accessibility – these are buzzwords that have tremendous weight. But what do they really mean, and who are they really about? Dr. D. may surprise you with his take.

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My Story

I have spent over 20 years studying and researching followership, leadership, and strategy. And I have been educating teams, managers, students, IDF soldiers, one-year program groups, youth groups, campers, and more about how to engage strategy and leadership for over 15 years. I got my nickname “Dr. D.” from one of my students while teaching at Bar-Ilan University over the last 10+ years.

Born and raised in the USA, I came to Israel over 25 years ago on a one year program. The moment I set foot in the country, I knew that I was home.


I am the only wheelchair user participating in International Practical Shooting Confederation competitions in Israel. These are videos of my competitions and practices. 

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