Objectives @ The Doctor’s Den

One of the key aspects of a long-term strategy is effective examination and determination of objectives. This is the role of the organization waystation in the strategic framework and is essential for successful implementation of multiple operations in attaining manifestation of will.

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But what are objectives? They are, first and foremost, a discussion of how to make the world align with your vision. Or perhaps how the world should or could be.  This discussion includes an examination of what potential actions need to take place for that to happen.

So it is, in essence, an attempt to establish what others may seek to do in relation to your objectives. How the resources and energy may potentially be used and the cost of that use in relation to other objectives. And how doctrine, as a value system, acts to determine the spectrum of acceptable actions and fears that may mitigate action.

This will allow for determination of tactics that will, hopefully, attain the goals set in the operative stage of strategy.