The Ultimate Sacrifice

The IDF Lone Soldier experience from a Disabled IDF Veteran

What was it like to become an IDF Lone Soldier? Commando? Sniper? Disabled Veteran?

The Lone Soldier Experience

Using his story, David to bring to life what it was like to be a lone soldier in the IDF. David intertwines humor about the language and cultural barriers during his military experience with stories about dealing with the lack of family support. He explains how the different organizations, which did not exist when he was a lone soldier, help overcome some of the issues David faced as a lone soldier.And Dr. D. discusses how the stories of fallen lone soldiers motivate the next generation of young Jews to come to Israel and volunteer to defend their country.

Becoming a Disabled Veteran

As part of this talk, David goes in-depth on the experience of becoming a disabled veteran. He explains how he came to grips with the loneliness and fear that were part of that process. Dr. D. discusses how he had to pick himself up and redirect his focus as he transitioned from a healthy young warrior into a wounded warrior – into someone who would face a life of chronic pain and challenge. And follow David as he tells about the levels of pain he faces every day and how he deals with the limitations that his disability creates. Using his story David demonstrates that pushing through despite the pains is a choice and that how we choose to spend our time and energy is of great import.


More than that, David explains how his disability opened his eyes to a world that was not designed for people with disabilities and how he chose to engage this challenge head on. What does it mean to spend energy and sacrifice for a cause? What ideas are you prepared to sacrifice for? How many shades of sacrifice are there? And what does it mean to choose to live, every single day, in the face of extreme pain? And how do we live with the consequences of our decisions? There are many faces to sacrifice – in the military and in our daily lives. But when we choose to push through pain and accept the sacrifice, that is when we truly live.

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