The Doctor’s Den – Insights: Parent’s Back to School Attitude

As my family gets ready for the new school year, I have come to reconsider my attitude to the children going back to school. While their absence will be a relief, giving space for the work and many projects I want to accomplish, it will also be a little gloomy. A little less playful. A little less exciting…not that we don’t need a rest from chaos once in awhile.

The preparation has led me to think about how I want my children to experience my feelings about their leaving the house and what their absence means to me. And I realized that I want them to know I will miss them. That, while I am thrilled that they are going to learn, I recognize it means I get to spend less time with them – and that makes me a little sad. That I am excited they are going, and I am looking forward to their return.

And while I recognize that school is not a replacement for parents or their role in education, part of my sadness is knowing that I have less influence in their education and as a byproduct their socialization and upbringing.

I have seen comics and meme’s of parents celebrating their children’s return to school. Not their return to education, but their absence from the house and family. I understand the relief, but I don’t understand the cheers…

Thank you for taking time to read this and watch my short video below.

Dr. D. Leitner



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