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A Discussion about the Future of Accessibility and Inclusion

Dr. David Leitner​

20 years of accessibility and inclusion work.
What is the next major obstacle for inclusion?

Where do you want to go next?

Where aare we now?

David takes us through his story and how his injury forced him to engage a world that was not designed for someone with disability. After his injury, Dr. D. took up this challenge and became the first handicapped and accessibility adviser for an Israeli Student Union. That decision threw him into the world of accessibility. And forced him to research and learn the laws and implications of accessibility, not just in relation to his own disability but for others as well. Follow along as Dr. D. takes you through the basics of Accessibility and Inclusion law in Israel, how it has developed, and how it has impacted physical and social accessibility and inclusion.

Pursing Accessibility

David actively pursued accessibility in all its forms – physical, social, and educational. On campus his work originally focused on the student body. Working closely with the university administration, David helped to designate where the university should focus to improve physical accessibility on campus. He helped establish the university’s Inclusion and Accessibility committee. He also worked with university to establish clear criteria and procedures for accommodating students with physical and learning limitations. And he helped formulate an Exceptions Admissions System for students who wanted to apply for studies but did not meet the standard due to physical or learning limitations And his work quickly started to expand to include the faculty and administration in addition to the pursuit of accessibility off campus.

Accessibility Reimagined

Beyond his work on campus, David also worked with the municipality where he lived – volunteering with the local accessibility and inclusion committee to help prioritize physical and social accessibility. Over 20 years of work on Disability Accessibility and Inclusion has taught David that there is much more to accessibility and inclusion than most people realize. He shows how accessibility isn’t just about how we make the world outside accessible. Let Dr. D. take you into the personal side of accessibility. With so much focus on accessibility for people with disabilities in the public sphere, we also need to make space for accessibility in the private sphere. Dr. D. helps to reimagine accessibility and shows why it should be important to everyone, everywhere.

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