Leadership Rising

Politics Everywhere

Dr D teaching about followership

Agent for Life

Soon by you

Each lecture uses part of my story to help relay a specific message.

Tailor made for each audience, some of the topics previously requested include:

Leadership Rising – How do certain people emerge as leaders and why? What are the main difference between leadership and management? How and why do some people emerge at leaders? What styles of leadership are there, and what about the follower in all this? This topic can either be presented as a stand alone lecture or as a Leadership Seminar and Workshop that focuses on teamwork, communication, and sacrifice with purpose.

Politics Everywhere -From the bedroom to the boardroom and beyond, we engage politics as we try to maneuver and get our way. How do we engage politics every day? And what can we do to get others to help make our ideas real? Using anecdotes from my personal story and work educating on strategy and leadership, I show how we participate in politics in our everyday lives. In doing so we touch on topics including power, relationships, position, authority, and how we connect and get others to follow.

Agent for Life – What type of follower are you? What types of followers are most likely to create a fluid dynamic team? And how can leaders engage followers for success? And perhaps most important, what does it take to get others to follow and be part of a team? This talk lets us focus on different aspects of followership and leadership. We discuss what it means to be a follower and team member. And I demonstrate how followers impact leadership and success. Most importantly, we learn how we are all acting as agents (shlichim) on a mission for what we believe is important.

Soon by You – Inclusion and Accessibility – these are buzzwords that have tremendous weight. But what do they really mean, and who are they really about? What is the next major obstacle to handicapped accessibility and inclusion? It’s not what you think.  After 20 years as a disability inclusion activist, I’ve got a slightly different take on the next significant step we need to make inclusion inherent to our everyday lives.

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