Certificate of Appreciation - Duvdevan

Present Lecture Series

  • Giving Your All (לתת את הכל) – (English/Hebrew) In this talk David uses his story – from the decision to move to Israel and join the Israeli Defense Forces through his injury, disability, and his continual fight against the chronic pain that is part and parcel his to everyday life – to bring the many shades of sacrifice into focus. Intertwining humor about the language and cultural barriers during his military experience with stories about dealing with the loneliness and fear as he came to grips with his disability, David uses his story to give depth and flavor to the nature of sacrifice. He discusses how his injury created a new meaning for the concept of sacrifice. And how he has learned to accept sacrifice as a part of everyday life.
    As part of the talk David focuses on:
        • What it was like to be a Lone Soldier
        • What it felt like to become a Lone IDF Veteran
        • Working with Disabled IDF Veterans
        • Locus of Focus and the need to choose where to put time and energy
        • Perseverance as Decision Making
        • Myth, Martyrs, and Sacrifice – discussing the fallen lone soldiers
  • Diehard Life (מורעל לחיים) – (English/Hebrew) Using his story, David focuses this talk on different aspects of followership and leadership. He discusses what it means to be a follower, team member, and agent – and how followers impact leadership and success. As he does so, he uses the different stages, the training, the injury that led to his disability, how he had to leave his team due to injury and eventually found himself alone dealing with extreme chronic pain, to help bring to life different types of followers and the teamwork that went into adapting to this new situation.
    There are several subtopics this talk emphasizes:
      • Teamwork: Trust and Commitment- this sub-focus discusses the role trust, commitment, consistency, and safety play in the building good teamwork and effective communication for success. 
      • Leadership and Agency – with this facet of the talk we look at the connection between leadership and having others represent your ideas through a sense of mutual purpose. We’ll talk about how to get others to act in agency with purpose!
      • Situational Leadership – This subtopic uses David’s story, experience working with soldiers in the IDF, and as a parent and educator, to demonstrate and focus on the developmental levels of followers and how leadership can use specific styles of leadership to engage, motivate, and help grow followers.
  • Soon by You (בקרוב אצלך) – (English/Hebrew) A lecture and discussion about the next major step in Disability Inclusion. After 20 years as a disability inclusion activist, I’ve got a slightly different take on the next major steps we need to take to make inclusion inherent to our everyday lives.
    Among the topics covered in this talk are:
      • The History of Accessibility and Inclusion Law in Israel
      • Physical Accessibility
      • Social Inclusion
  • Politics Everywhere -(English) From the bedroom to the boardroom and beyond, we engage politics as we try to maneuver and get our way. Using anecdotes from his personal story and work educating on strategy and leadership, this talk and focuses on how David sees us engaging politics in our everyday lives. As part of that, David touches on topics of power, relationships, position, authority, and how we engage others and get them to follow.In this lecture David discusses:
      • The Spectrum of Power – Influence/Persuasion/Manipulation/Coercion
      • Ideational Hierarchies – the ideas the drive us and motivate us to act
      • Magnitude of Impact – Understanding the difference between Strategy and Tactics and how both are part of the political experience
      • The way we engage Ideas- From Acceptance through Co-option, Rejection and more
      • Socialization – the way we learn to engage ideas and handle ideational friction


Talks David has given in the past include:

  • What a Pain in the… –  (English) A discussion on how David uses Dungeons and Dragons as a metaphor for pain management. This talk focuses how David copes with chronic pain as a disabled IDF veteran suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – ranked the worst known chronic pain disorder by the medical community
  • Shooter On the Line Are You Ready? (האם היורה מוכן) – (Hebrew/English) a lecture about David’s participation as the only current IPSC wheelchair shooter in Israel.
  • Strategizing for Life  – (English) A lecture David gives to his students about how to engage life with purpose. This talk brings together different theories about productivity and decision making to show how we can apply them in our everyday lives.
  • Understanding The Jewish Strategic Framework – (English/Hebrew) presenting the research findings and uses of the JSF.
Dr D talking about leadership
Casualty Officers listening to Dr. D.'s Lecture