Is your leader a villain?

You know, someone who lacks integrity, empathy, the ability to delegate, vision, and purpose? You know, a leader who seems manipulative or arrogant.

Is your leader hellbent on having their way no matter what?

Someone who might just force choke you for suggesting that their way isn’t the “right” way…

If not, excellent – carry on and have a wonderful day.

But if you are facing the plight of leadership villainy (or even the first inklings of it) there is much you, as a follower, can do before you take the dive and quit. How you follow is a choice. As is who you follow. Even in an organization with a set hierarchy.

Position leaders often lose sight of this and see their place in the hierarchy as granting absolute power.

Very rarely is this the case.

But you don’t have to go outside the ladder of authority to help your leader reign in their egotistic maniacal evilness…well sometimes you do, but often what leadership like this needs is a reminder of greater purpose and vision.

And you have to #BeCourageous enough to be the first follower. That means YOU, as follower, make clear that leadership depends on your acquiescence and participation with what needs to get done.

TO BE VERY CLEAR – I am NOT proposing a revolution or revolt!

I’m also not proposing your sudden transformation into Sheeple.

I am talking about speaking TRUTH to POWER.

And making clear that how you follow is a choice.

Remind your leader that you can be a sheep, but you would prefer to be a partner.

And explain what actions the leader is taking that make that difficult.

Show them that you care about the mutual purpose that brings you together as a team. And that you are just as invested in success as they are.

BUT also let them know that your participation as an exemplary, activist, follower is contingent upon how they act – that you expect to work with someone who demonstrates integrity, empathy, and humility. Someone willing to delegate, share vision, and engage influence with purpose and the relationship in mind.

Will it absolutely work and lead to change.


But at least you will have given it your best shot and hold your head high when you talk to higher authority about the reason the team is failing.;


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