How do your Peers See you?

Followership takes into consideration peers in addition to leaders.

Your followership style and choices impact how you engage with your peers.

Imagine for a moment that your leader is doing a full 360 on you.

What would your peers say about you?
How much do you step up to the plate?
How often do you interfere with their work?
How often do you overstep into their responsibilities and fields of authority?
How often do you dominate a conversation or meeting?
How do THEY perceive your followership?

Are you are seen as a brown-noser or suck up?

Because how they see your followership impacts how your leader sees you as well.

#BeCourageous and ask some of your peers for honest feedback about how you can be a better partner with them and with leadership. See yourself how they see you and work to improve your followership in their eyes in addition to the eyes of the leader.


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