Engage Flow to Expand Your Comfort Zone

Learning about Flow can help you and your team get into flow!

“We pay the most attention to the task at hand when the callange of that task is slightly exceeds our skillset.”

That means followers should LET THERE LEADERS KNOW the limits of their comfort zone. That way leaders can challenge their followers and help them engage flow for productivity.

And followers should try and learn some of the triggers that help them get (and stay) in a flow state.

One thing we know about these triggers is that they are often connected to novelty, challenge, and curiosity.

And since flow is something universal to humans, we can also create states of co-flow between partners or group flow. Where partners work off each other in a state of flow, but a group seems to be working seamlessly together.

#BeCourageous and learn about flow. Learn how you get into a state of flow. Learn how to help others get into, and get out of, a state of flow. Followers – teach your leaders how to help you engage flow. Leaders, ask you followers what sparks their curiosity, what they are passionate about, and where they want to gain mastery.

Flow has its dangers. But it is flow that lets us work at peak performance and accomplish the seemingly impossible.

Want to learn more – check out this short video I made:


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