Create a Mentoring Safe Zone

The mentoring safe zone is essential to maximize learning.

What is this safe zone, you may ask?

It is a confidential, non-evaluative space that includes an agreed framework of expectations (bi-directional, not just for one of the participants) and set ground rules for how often and in what medium the people communicate and meet.

As part of that, it is imperative to level the playing field. Make sure that there is no power dynamic and that both partners are prepared to engage in self-reflection and mutual learning.

So, a safe zone then becomes a space where mentor and mentee can share without fear that their ideas will be ridiculed, shut down, or pushed off.

Where their work together does not impact performance evaluations.

And there is clarity about what is being given and received from both parties. How feedback and learning will take place. How to define movement.

Having a set mentorship method that includes a clearly defined safe zone can dramatically improve outcome.

And let the mentee drive the learning process – to express direction and set pace. It is the mentors task to work with that by suggesting a framework that will touch on the many different aspects that are relevant to the mutual work being done.

#BeCourageous as a mentor and mentee. SHARE. Learn from each other. Make sure you both feel safe to express your worries and fears. Safe to show your weaknesses and how they impact success.

Happy mentoring!


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