Teams need tensegrity

Teams need tensegrity.

They need followers to have the safety to present opposing views.

To create the tension that leads to stability.

To good decision making.

It is about creating a whole by supporting independence.

We need tension – to a point.

A team that finds that point lives in a state of tensegrity.

They know there are opposing views and ideas.

They know that there are other ways to do things.

But they have reach a point of equilibrium, and chosen to disagree and commit.

Even in the most complex problems and projects, with many nodes, processes, and lines of communication and relationships work best when there is tensegrity. When the tension is clearly stated and ultimately supports the greater whole.

And by letting followers dip into the role of the other and discuss possibility, the tensile strength of the group improves.

And example from the business world – the relationship between design, project, and engineering. Without healthy tension one of these three will take control, and the team’s success will suffer for it.

But by allowing for healthy tension – pushback, overstepping, and give and take, this triad creates the basis for strong future action.

#BeCourageous and seek out tension in your teams. Trust that those who present as alienated follower are doing so to help the team engage with purpose and success


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