To New Beginning

Many people erroneously believe that, once set, vision is eternal.

But we know that vision must adapt over time or get destroyed by the rising tide of contesting ideas.

As I get ready to examine my vision for self, family, and community, I’m grateful that vision is not set in stone. That our destiny is mutable. That our choices matter.

I look forward to exploring and seeking out new possibilities. New information and ways of thinking that will impact how I see myself, my relationships, my world.

I’m grateful I have the opportunity to improve myself and challenge myself to do better.

I’m prepared to accept that parts of last year’s vision are no longer relevant. And that destiny is a combination of self-actualization and trusting that circumstances will create opportunity.



I’m prepared to face the challenges life will throw my way. That may delay vision or throw it off track for awhile. With the full belief that every topsy turvy turn on this rollercoaster called life is for the best – even when it feels like it is for the worst.

CRPS sucks. But it will not destroy my life. I am stronger than this pain. I will persevere and find meaning and purpose to my days despite this pain. In my most important relationships with family and friends. With God. And with myself.

I will do better.

Here’s to new beginnings.


Shana Tova.