Diehard Follower

Lessons on Leadership, Teambuilding, and Sacrifice

Leaders need followers to make their dreams become reality.

What kind of leader motivates follower are you?

Are you a Diehard?

Well, that probably depends on the topic and who leads. Using his story, David describes different followers – from isolate through diehard – and how these different follower types impact teamwork and leadership. As part of the lecture, Dr. D. also explains the how to determine a follower’s developmental levels, and how leaders can use position, influence, and persuasion to get things done based on each level of development. And he talks about his own followership as a diehard, gung-ho, soldier and how it impacted his decision-making.
Dr D teaching about followership


Using his story, David examines the nature of teamwork and teambuilding. As part of that, he explores how military training seeks to build trust between teammates. We know that trust is the basis for effective, safe, conflict in any relationship. It is essential for soldiers in the field. It is essential for teams working on a project. Leaders help build that trust. But what happens when trust is broken? When leaders don’t see the follower’s pains? Or when some followers are more dedicated than others? Dr. D. discusses how trust is the foundation for great teamwork, and how, through his training, studies, and recovery, he learned that trust must be bolstered by commitment, consistency, and accountability.


As a lone soldier who volunteered for an elite unit, David explains how his service was an act of agency for the nation. He discusses how we all act in agency for ideas we believe are important. He explains how leaders develop their followers. And how we all follow leaders who guide us by representing those ideas in our lives. As part of that, Dr. D. examines how agency helps further core ideas and how it can impact different types of followers. David explains how his disability changed his focus and led to him acting in agency for the disabled community on campus. Along the way David shares how he is spending his time working with IDF soldiers and disabled veterans. And how acting in agency to help them better understand leadership and the Lone Soldiers who volunteer for the IDF helps David.

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